Monday, July 9, 2012

DNS Changer Malware

Hello Readers. You may have heard about the DNS changer malware on the news, if you have you already know what to do if not I urge you to keep reading. The DNS changer class of viruses changes the Primary and Secondary DNS server addresses on your computer. The function of DNS is to translate web addresses like to the web servers IP address that the actual website is hosted on. What the virus will do is change your dns so that if you say type in it will redirect you to a malicious phishing page. What this can also mean is if a hacker wanted to get access to your computer all he would have to do is redirect you to a webpage with exploit code in it. This would open up a backdoor and allow him and who ever else into your system. So how do I know I am infected you are probably asking. Go to the website and see if the box is green. If it is green you are safe but still don't click a link or open an email attachment unless you are absolutely sure ware it goes or what it will do. If its red you are not safe and need to take the following steps. If you are running mac OSX you still might be infected since this virus targets all platforms. First you need to download the virus removal tool here. After you have the tool downloaded, run the program and click the start scan button. Let the scan complete then select cure and then click continue to cure found threat. This will disable the malware but will not totally remove it. To totally remove it download and install a antivirus program like Avast! or Malwarebytes and run a full scan, this will remove the malware completely. For more information please go to this link on the FBIs website.


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